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Introvert. Reader. Writer. Movies & gaming buff.
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Writing seems like an easy job from the bird’s eye view. Those who don’t write or still planning to get into it, are unaware of what’s inside.

The idea of writing is beautiful and straightforward until you sit and actually start doing it. There are a lot of tiny things…

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So you have finally built an email list? Worked your a** off to grow it to a decent size, but now wondering why you are not quite able to get the results as per your expectations?

After having built an email list with thousands of subscribers, you had expected to…

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of startups start and fail without ever coming to light. While some are destined to see the heights of success, others don’t even manage to complete a year.

There goes a lot in making a startup successful. Some major factors include:

  • Idea
  • Vision
  • Team
  • Hard…

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As an online writer, publishing a lot is not an achievement nor gaining a lot of views. The real victory as an online writer in my terms is when your readers start coming back to read your content. They wait for your next article or email desperately.

Getting your readers…

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Online readers have the shortest attention span. About 90% of readers will judge your article by the first 2–3 lines. If they don’t find it engaging enough, they will simply click away. …

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With hundreds of thousands of blog posts being published every single day, the Internet is now a highly crowded place for an online writer. You really have to stand out to be noticed as a writer that independently publishes on different online platforms. …

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It’s been a little over two years since I have been copywriting and blogging. I have seen major ups and downs in my writing career, experimented with and implemented different ideas, and learned a lot in the process.

If you are new to the writing world, you might be trying…

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There is no point in life when you don’t have some goals to look forward to. These goals are the biggest source of inspiration and the reason behind your overall growth. A life without a purpose is tasteless.

But, achieving your goal isn’t always a cakewalk. In fact, we usually…

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Science says that an individual grows into a completely different person (both physically and psychologically) after a certain amount of time. As you age, you lose and create memories and gain new life experiences along the way. That means your seven-year-old self was so different from you that he/she can…

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As a writer, your income depends on various factors. Productivity is undoubtedly one of them. Whether you are a blogger or copywriter, it shouldn’t be hard to admit that profit lies in frequency. The more you write, the higher your monthly payout will be. …

Ankit Singh

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